Schools & Departments

School of Basic Medical Sciences

School of Basic Medical Sciences, founded in June 2015, is the main teaching and scientific research institution of the Health Science Center and the education base of medicine-related disciplines in Shenzhen. The school consists of nine departments, one medical center (basic medicine), one first-level discipline master degree program, Metabolic Disease Research Center and Cancer Research Center. The faculty is comprised of 36 professors, 18 associate professors and 34 assistant professors/instructors, including Distinguished Professors, winners of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars and National Talents Program experts.

The Undergraduate Program of Clinical Medicine is the key task of talent training in School of Basic Medical Sciences. The school implements mentoring program, adopts the “integration of organ-system” teaching plan, and provides students early exposure to clinic, scientific research and practice. Some courses are taught in English or using PBL method. A great number of experimental courses and elective courses that are related to modern medical theory and clinical medicine are offered to develop medical health talents.